A modest white dress is so versatile. Not only can you wear it to church and to temple, but with the right accessories, it can accompany you to birthday parties, fancy dinners, and even family celebrations. The secret lies in knowing how to add some spunk and character to your modest white dress. Here are four ideas to get you started off on the right track.

1. Add a colorful scarf.

In the colder months of a year, all you really need is a colorful scarf to make your white dress more flashy. A solid-colored scarf can add a bold contrast to the white. Wear a red scarf with your white dress around Christmas time, and you have the perfect outfit. Pair it with a blue scarf, and you'll look bright and festive for New Year's. Patterned scarves are becoming more popular, and since your dress is solid-colored, you can add absolutely any patterned scarf you want to your look.

2. Choose a big statement necklace.

Statement necklaces could not be more in-style. And nothing will allow your statement necklace to shine like a white dress. With the simple, white background, your statement necklace will be the focal point of your outfit, attracting plenty of attention. Choose a jeweled statement necklace for a classier look, or look for one made with more beads and plastic pieces for a more subdued appearance. If you have a friend who makes jewelry, consider supporting them by buying one of their pieces to complement your white dress.

3. Complement the dress with black accessories.

Black and white—it's a classy look embodied by old Hollywood stars and modern models alike. Wear black hosiery, black heels, and a black purse for a nice, neutral look. You can take things a step further with black jewelry and a black scarf. For a colder night, replace the heels with black boots. This is a look you could wear to church, a party, or anything in between.

4. Add a big belt.

Big belts are quite fashionable right now. While they get lost against a lot of patterned dresses, they will really stand out against a white dress—especially if your white dress has a simple cut that does not distract from the form created by the belt. A brown or black belt creates a more office-appropriate look, whereas a more colorful belt might be good for a casual occasion.