If you go through boots quickly at work, you need to make sure you invest in a pair that will last. Work boots should be not only durable but fully functional as well. In order to locate the best work boots for your needs — there are many boots on the market — you should know what to look for. Here are things to look for in new work boots.

Arch support 

Working on your feet all day means that your feet will get tired and sore. Look for work boots that feature special arch supports. Arch supports are often made of a memory foam or gel to custom-fit to your feet to provide support in this tender area.

When trying on work boots with arch supports in them, pay attention to how high or low your natural arch is. You want to meet your natural arch's shape in your footwear.


Often, a man-made material isn't designed to be very ventilating and can wear out quickly. Or, you can suffer from Athlete's Foot or other fungal infection due to sweating in your work boots all day. If your feet are known to sweat, you can also suffer from itchy, irritating, and even blistering feet.

To remedy your feet issues, seek a material that will work best for work boots. Often, leather is the choice of work boots for many people because the material is long-lasting, natural, and a good insulator as well as being ventilated. Choose work boots that have main leather components if you have man-made materials in parts of the boot as well.

Heel Comfort

You want the heels of your work boots to be comfortable for a few reasons. First, a reinforced or comforted heel is more cushioning for your feet, preventing blisters and other types of discomfort. Secondly, when you have a comfortable heel in your work boots, this usually means you have a tight ankle and need another type of comfort as well that can help prevent your foot from moving around in your boot while keeping blisters at bay.

The right work boot will allow you to wiggle your toes comfortably in both thicker and thinner socks while still keeping your foot snugly protected. Consider a work boot with a steel toe in it if you work outdoors and want to further keep your feet safe from debris and falling objects. You can find work boots at your local boot supply store.