Are you one of those individuals that gets teary-eyed when you see something like a dead deer on the road? Perhaps you cry when you watch dog commercials, or especially if you see public service announcements that deal with the fact that there are so many dogs and cats in animal shelters, just looking for a home and somebody to love and care for them.

Or, you might be less emotional, but you still realize that there are both people and animals who need help, whether it's in a dog shelter, an orphanage, or at a homeless shelter. From buying hand-made dog collars for charity to doing volunteer work, here are some ideas that might help you feel like you are part of an important solution.

Hand-Made Dog Collars For Charity - Can you imagine that there are individuals who care enough about helping others that they make adorable dog collars by hand? Think about people in your life who own dogs and who would love to receive the gift of a hand-made dog collar. Perhaps you have a guy friend who owns something like a bull dog or even a mutt. Wouldn't it be fun to buy a masculine looking dog collar for that pooch? And, what about the fancy dogs that your friends own?

Maybe a poodle would look simply delightful wearing a hand-made pink dog collar with rhinestones as part of the design. Of course, if you own dogs yourself, you'll probably want to purchase at least one for your own pet. The thing about hand-made dog collars is that, not only are they come in different price ranges and when you pay for them, you'll know that the money is going for an excellent cause.

Be A Volunteer At An Animal Shelter - Are you staying away from volunteering at an animal shelter because you think it will break your heart to be there? Perhaps you're afraid that you'll want to bring home all of those sweet homeless dogs and cats. Consider looking at it a different way. 

While you are there, you'll probably get to play with cats and kittens, you'll probably get to give dogs walks and play catch with them, and you might even get to read to the dogs, if the shelter has a reading program. And, you might even see the sweet meeting of animals who will be taken to somebody's home, knowing that you helped while that animal was waiting for its new owner.