How many times did you wish you could tell people what you think and feel without actually saying it out loud? What about coming up with something that was funny, or an inside joke shared with friends every time a single word or phrase is uttered? Just when you thought there was no outlet for that, along comes "attitude t-shirts."

These shirts help you express what you think and feel, and even have lots of funny sayings on them. You could buy them from retailers that sell them. However, the real form of personal expression is in creating your own t-shirts with your own sayings, words, and pictures on them. Here is how you can do just that.

Buy Your T-Shirts from a Craft Store

T-shirts in a vast array of colors and sizes are now sold by craft stores. If you wait and watch for it, these stores will have a sale whereby you can buy three to five tees for around $10. While you are in the store picking up cheap t-shirts, check out craft paint, a t-shirt painting board, and brushes, if you are not going to use squeezable paint writing tubes or bottles.

The Paint or Iron-Ons

To create your own t-shirts, check out:

  • Craft paint that you paint on with brushes and which is suitable for cloth painting
  • Squeezable tube or bottle writers, with the fine and ultra-fine tips to create lines and words
  • Puffy paint (yes, it is still out there!)
  • Glitter paint
  • Iron-on letters, pictures, animals, emojis, etc.

Buy any of the above for your t-shirt designs. Usually, you can find most of these paints and iron-on materials in the same craft stores where they sell t-shirts.

Sketch the Design on Paper Before You Put It on Cloth

Unless you are seriously good at free-hand drawing and design, you might want to sketch your words, pictures, and/or phrases onto a piece of paper first. This will give you something to look at and copy from when you are trying to make the design on your t-shirt. Even make-your-own t-shirt shops use this method to get the shirt to look just right. 

Better still, sketch the design onto iron-on transfer paper. This will transfer your design onto your shirt with a hot iron, and then you can paint it. Just keep in mind that words will transfer backwards unless you first write/design the words backwards on the transfer paper! For more information, contact a company like custom with us.