The tie you choose to wear can make or break your outfit. This is particularly true when you wear ties with complex patterns, such as one with the American flag on it. If you want to show off your patriotism or need a flag time for a special event, here are two tips for choosing one that will look great and make the right statement.

Choose the Right Fabric for Your Purpose

Ties are made from a several different types of fabrics, and the best type for your flag tie depends on when you're planning on wearing it. Many people who wear ties don't realize this, but some fabrics work better in summer, others in winter, and some can be worn any time of the year.

For instance, linen and cotton ties work best in the summer because they're breathable and have a more casual look to them. More importantly, the lightweight fabric won't make you overheat. It's best to get a flag tie in this fabric type if you plan on primarily wearing it during hot months.

On the other hand, wool and weaved fabrics (e.g. tweed) are much better for winter months for the opposite reasons. This material tends to be more tightly woven, so less air passes through, which can help keep you warm during cold month. Additionally, the patterns tend to make ties look more formal and elegant, which is perfect for the holiday season when you may be going to a lot of parties.

Lastly, silk and microfiber are ties that can be worn year round. These fabrics tend to be lightweight, so they will help keep you cool. At the same time, they also look statelier and can be worn with formal or ceremonious suits.

Each type of fabric requires various levels of care, so be sure to pick on that fits your lifestyle.

Check the Pattern

Nothing makes a tie look worse than an uneven pattern. You have to be even more careful with flag ties because both the stripes and stars must line up correctly to produce a seamless pattern. Additionally, sometimes the print will look great when you're inspecting the tie by itself but look awful when you actually knot the tie and wear it.

Be sure to lay the tie out and carefully inspect it to ensure there are no unseemly breaks in the pattern. If you can, try on the tie to ensure there won't be an unflattering disruptions in the pattern (e.g. the stars fold into a clumpy mess).

To find a flag tie for your, visit an online or offline clothing retailer, such as Neal's Ties LLC, for assistance.