If you are planning this summer's family reunion, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. From sending out information to arranging for raft rentals, here are some ideas that may help you to feel calmer and well organized:

Putting Out The Word - After you have communicated with many of your family members, you will be ready to select a date for your family reunion:

  • Send the information about the reunion in writing so that there won't be any misunderstandings.
  • Put out the word that you'd love help from anybody who is willing to pitch in.
  • Ask recipients of your invitation to let you know by a certain date whether they will be attending this year's reunion.
  • Find out if anybody has special needs. 
  • Secure lodging really early so that there won't be disappointments later on. 

Plan The Water Rafting Activity  - Water rafting will probably be the focal point of your reunion. You'll want to plan for that now:

  • Some of the attendees may not be able to participate in the water rafting activity.
  • For example, if there are elderly folks coming to the reunion, they might just enjoy having a visiting time or playing cards and board games.
  • Find out ahead of time how many will be wanting to join the water rafting group.
  • Unless there is a person in your group who is experienced in water rafting, make arrangements to have a guide.
  • Raft rentals are very affordable. Plus, the money you spend on this activity will be money well spent, as everybody will have an amazing experience.

Planning The Meals - Consider making assignments:

  • For example, one family could be in charge of Friday's meals while another family could be in charge of Saturday's meals. You get the picture.
  • Another idea is to have pot luck meals. 
  • Be sure to plan food for your water rafting times. 
  • It might be really good to have somebody who won't be rafting to bring food to a specific location at a specific time.
  • Have plenty of drinking water which will hydrate better than sodas.

After the family reunion is over, get input from all of those who attended so you can plan next year's family reunion. If your group liked the experience of rafting, consider keeping the information of where you got the raft rentals and whom your guide was so that you can repeat this year's experience in the future. 

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