Owning a pair of handcrafted women's leather boots or shoes is a major score, but if you do not care for them properly, you could be left with a worn pair that you are ashamed to take out of the closet. Although the shoes require a bit more care than other types of shoes, they are worth it. To help keep your shoes looking like new, here are some dos and don'ts you should remember in maintaining them.  

  1. Do not wear the shoes on rainy or snowy days. When leather is wet, it is more vulnerable to suffering extreme wear and tear. Although there are weatherproofing products on the market you can use on your shoes, you should try to avoid getting them wet outdoors.  

  2. Do weatherproof your shoes. Even though you should not wear the shoes out in bad weather, sometimes it is unavoidable. Weatherproofing the shoes can help decrease the possibility that the shoes suffer damage if they are exposed to water.  

  3. Do not put other items on top of the shoes. While storing the shoes, it is important that you do not put other shoes or other objects on top of them. The pressure from the objects can cause the leather shoes to lose their shape.  

  4. Do use soapy water to clean the shoes. Keeping the shoes dry is important, but it is fine to use soapy water to clean them. Wet a cloth with the soapy solution and then wring the water out before using it to wipe the shoes off. Dry the shoes with a towel to prevent damage from the water.  

  5. Do not leave the shoes in their box. The original packaging for the shoes might seem like a good storage box, but moisture can build up in the box and damage the show. You need to leave the shoes in a cool and dry place.  

  6. Do use baking soda to clean grease off the shoes. No matter how much you care for the shoes, it is still possible to get grease or oil on them. Applying baking soda with a damp cloth can help absorb the grease. After allowing the shoes to sit for a few hours, you can wipe off the baking soda.  

Before doing anything that could potentially damage your leather shoes, research whether or not it is the right move. With careful maintenance, your shoes can last a considerable amount of time.