Custom made shirts are often associated with tailored suits. However, that is just one type of shirt. There are actually several different kinds of shirts, and you can get almost all of them custom made if you know where to go and who to ask. You may also not have any ideas about how and where to wear these other custom shirts, so here are some ideas to help you get a clearer picture of what kinds of custom shirts exist and in what instances these shirts are best worn.

Bowling Shirts

When you form a bowling league, you want team shirts to go with it. Button-down, striped, polo, short-sleeved, no sleeves--whatever your team wants to wear, that is what you order. This is the perfect example of custom shirts, because each shirt is custom-made to fit each member of your bowling league/team and is made to match. Your group can make it look any way they want so that it does not look like any other team/league shirts out there.

Tennis and Riding Shirts

Most tennis and horseback riding shirts are made to be sleeveless and polo-style. The sleevelessness allows tennis players and riders freedom of movement of their arms from the shoulders down, and the polo collar just makes the uniform look neat and tidy. Some ladies (and some men) need a little more width through the chest area of these shirts, which is why many tennis players and horseback riders have their shirts custom-made and tapered to a smaller, tighter waist.

Marathon and Triathlon Participant Shirts

Sometimes when you register to participate in a marathon or triathlon, they give you a T-shirt. The t-shirt is stamped with the race's major sponsor(s) and is meant to be a keepsake, although many racers use it and wear it on race day. While these shirts are not custom-made for fit, they are custom-made for design and print.

Big and Tall Shirts

Men who are over 6 feet, 4 inches and who may be very broad in the shoulders or have a wide girth are not able to buy clothes from most stores. These guys have to have a lot of their clothes custom-made via a "big and tall" shop. In fact, the bigger and taller they are, the more likely most of their wardrobe has to be custom-made by a company like Wo's Custom Tailoring. As such, you can guarantee that these guys definitely need custom-made everything if they are going to get dressed every day.