If you buy clothing wholesale so you can make more money reselling them in your retail or online store, you want to make sure you are getting these items as cheap as possible. A wholesaler allows you to get items cheaper because they are selling directly to you so you can mark up your own prices to make a livable profit. Whether you can afford to buy many items at once in bulk or you want to place a few small orders to keep your inventory full, here are some tips to get wholesale clothing at a more affordable rate.

Place auto orders

An auto order is a guarantee that you will make a purchase and can often lead to discounts on items you are already getting a great deal on. Some wholesalers will require a minimum purchase or a monthly request of merchandise in order to sign up for auto orders. Doing your purchasing this way not only can save you money, but can make restocking your inventory easier as well; when you have new clothing coming in several times a year without having to think about placing an order, you can run your own personal business more successfully.

Order in large amounts

If you have a budget to order in large quantities a few times a year, do this instead of placing many small purchases with a wholesaler. In many cases, the larger the order the greater discounts you can receive. This allows you a greater profit margin on items you are already getting a great deal on. Sit down with a wholesaler associate, and discuss the different rates of shipping you can get on bulk orders as well to help reduce your costs when buying many items of clothing at a time.

If you have a particular style of clothing that sells well in your business, such as t-shirts or American Made Jeans by All USA Clothing, order these items in large quantities every season so you can always have the most modern styles available to you at amazing rates for resell.

Research the brands you love the most before buying them wholesale. This way you can be aware of what the common retail markup is on these items, which can help guide you as to how much you should be willing to pay for wholesale prices. Throughout the year, save a percentage of your profits so you can take advantage of wholesale deals that come your way.