Grunge became a fashion style in the early 1990's, first in the Pacific Northwest, and later spreading to mainstream America due to popular bands whose music became synonymous with the style. The look was a pendulum swing away from the conspicuous consumerism of the previous decade. Grunge became popular due to the fact that it was accessible to the average person who could buy the look through thrift stores and military surplus stores. Although grunge hit the fashion runway during Marc Jacobs' now famous collection for Perry Ellis, at its heart, grunge has always been for real people on a real budget who either could not afford designer clothes or rejected capitalism in favor of authenticity. 

Grunge Comes Back Around

In the last few years, Grunge has made a comeback on the fashion scene. It's no surprise that, in a time of uncertainty, with an unstable economy, grunge feels right to wear right now. Not only is grunge affordable but it is also practical as the look is designed around comfort. But what is the grunge aesthetic and how does one go about getting the look? Grunge is one of the easiest looks to pull off if you know how to shop for it. Below is a fashion and buying guide for all of those who crave the grunge look in their closet.

What Is The Look?

Ripped jeans, flannel shirts, combat boots, knit hats, chunky cardigans, floral dresses, thermal shirts, and green army coats are pieces that are key to a good grunge wardrobe. While some of these pieces can be picked up in thrift stores or even at box stores that sell these items new, military surplus stores like Bargain Center are the easiest way to find authentic versions of these key pieces.

Shopping List For Military Surplus

Military surplus stores have many of the same basic items with some variance by location due to the climate that the store is located in. For example, a store located near a naval base may have more bell bottoms or pea coats. However, there are bound to be a few items to add to your grunge wardrobe that can be picked up for a song. Look for pea green army coats to use as a layering piece or a light spring jacket. Also, be sure to pick up combat boots and knit hats there for better quality at a fair price.