When selecting an outfit for their prom, most high school girls look to dress shops. A prom dress is no longer high school girls' only option for prom outfits, though. As BuzzFeed reports, female students are now wearing tuxedos to their proms. If you're going to prom this year, here are the advantages that tuxes have over more traditional gowns.

Tuxedos Are Warmer Than Dresses

While wearing a women's tuxedo to a prom makes a fashion statement, tuxedos aren't just a stylistic choice. They're also a practical choice, especially if your prom is during a time of year when temperatures are cooler. For a couple reasons, tuxedos will keep you warmer than prom dresses.

First, most tuxedos cover more skin than prom dresses do. Women's black tuxedo jackets cover a lot more of the upper body than off-the-shoulder prom dresses, and they even cover more than most prom dresses that have short sleeves. Additionally, tuxedo pants cover the entire leg and don't let a draft between your legs. Some dresses cover only part of the legs, and all dresses are prone to allowing cool breezes between your legs.

Second, tuxedos have multiple layers, while the majority of prom dresses have only one layer. At most, you might wear a set of stockings and shawl with a prom dress, but these provide only minimal warmth. A tuxedo, in contrast, comes with a button-up shirt, vest and jacket, which will all work together to insulate your upper body against the cold.

Tuxedos Let You Dance Without Worry

When it comes to dancing, tuxedos again have the practical advantage.

Many prom dresses are strapless and short, which means you must be cognizant of them when dancing. A wrong move could cause the top to fall down or bottom to ride up too high. Often, a prom dress requires regular readjustment throughout the evening.

In a tuxedo, you can dance without worrying about flashing your fellow classmates. A tuxedo shirt won't fall down, and tuxedo pants won't ride up. You can even break dance, doing flips and splits, in a tuxedo without any risk of indecency.

Tuxedo Jackets Can Be Taken Off

Should things heat up on the dance floor, which they often do with a bunch of high schoolers moving around and bright lights shining on everyone, you can keep yourself cool by removing your tuxedo jacket. Just as guys in tuxes sometimes take off their jackets, ties and vests, you can do the same when you get too hot.

Tuxedos Make a Statement

If you want to make a statement at your prom, there's no better way to do so as a female student than by wearing a tuxedo. On a personal level, donning black pants, a jacket and vest can show who "wears the pants" in your relationship, if you're going with a date. On a broader, societal level, wearing a tux can show that you believe women should be treated just as well as men -- and they should be able to wear whatever they like.

Tuxedos Are Trendy

Tuxedos are also trendy, with celebrities wearing them on the red carpet. By wearing a tux to your prom, you won't just stand out from among your friends. You'll show that you're on the very forefront of fashion and one of the most fashion-forward people in your high school.

Tuxedos Come in Many Colors

In selecting a tuxedo, you don't need to give up all of the color options that girls who choose to wear a dress have. Although tuxedo pants and jackets are usually black, you can sometimes find them in other colors. Even if you can't find pants and a jacket in the color you want, ties, cumberbunds and vests are available in almost every color.