Many women wear bras that are not right for them. If you find yourself adjusting your bra throughout the day or looking forward to that moment when you can finally remove it in the evening, then you are likely one of those women. Choosing the right bra is not all about finding the right size, although that is part of the equation. Choosing the right bra style is also essential to finally finding a bra that feels like a second skin and also looks great. 

Size Does Matter

Many women wear a bra that has a band that is too large and a cup that is too small. A too-small band provides too little support, and it ends up making your shoulder-straps bear more weight than necessary. Bra cups that are too small can squeeze your breasts or visually cut them in half. To find the right bra size for you, visit a designer lingerie shop or follow these steps:

  1. Measure just under your breasts with a soft tape measure. You are measuring your torso and not your actual breasts. Add four inches to an even measurement or five inches to an odd measurement. This is your band size. 
  2. Take another measurement around the fullest part of your bust. 
  3. Calculate the difference in inches between your band measurement and your bust measurement. 
  4. Same measurement? You are AA cup. One-inch difference? You are an A cup. Add one cup size for each additional inch. 

This measurement will give you a good starting point when choosing a new bra. The choices in bra style best for your body rely on an accurate cup measurement. 

Best Bras for AAs to Bs

If you fall into this category, then you are lucky to have many bra style options that will feel and look great. You can choose bras with or without underwires. If you are a B-cup with a little sagging, then an underwire bra can give you a little boost. 

You can also choose any shoulder strap style you like, and even thin straps are unlikely to pose problems as long as you are wearing the correct band size. You can wear T-shirt bras, demi bras, and an endless variety of basic or frilly styles and fabrics

Best Bras For Cs to Ds

Women with C to D cups need to choose bras more carefully than smaller-chested women. You need more support to keep the weight of your breasts from sagging and causing back pain in the future. 

The keys to a comfortable bra for you are:

  • Wide shoulder straps. Those thin, spaghetti strap bras are not supportive enough for you. Look for wider straps to distribute the weight of your breasts more evenly on your shoulders. 
  • Underwires. Underwires provide support that is difficult to get with just fabric. Underwires can be comfortable, and if you have one that is not, then it is likely an ill-fitting bra or just a poorly made one.  
  • Lined cups. While padding is never necessary unless you want it, a lightly lined cup or just a cup of a thicker material can do wonders for shaping your breasts and adding a bit more support. 

When you follow these guidelines, you have almost as many style options as smaller-chested women. 

Best Bras for DDs and Larger

If you have breasts that are size DD or larger, then you need to take extra care to choose a supportive bra that keeps your breasts from putting too much weight on your back and shoulders. Follow the guidelines mentioned above for Cs and Ds, then consider these extra support guidelines:

  • Wide shoulder straps not supportive enough? Consider a racerback bra. This strap design distributes breast-weight more evenly on your shoulders and back to eliminate back and shoulder pain. 
  • Consider a posture bra. The name of this bra may sound less than sexy, but don't let the style name lead you to believe these are unsightly medical devices. A posture bra is a style that covers more of your back than a racer bra to provide ultimate support. You can find them in beautiful, lacy styles and more basic designs for everyday wear. 

Larger-breasted women often have to search a little harder to find the perfect bra for them, but you can find one that looks great and is supportive enough for you. 

The right bra can make any shirt or dress look better, and it provides important support to keep your back, neck, and shoulders pain-free. It is important for every woman to have several good-quality bras to suit every occasion.